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Tips for your marriage

Working together as a couple can be very rewarding and challenging. This is an exciting and fun time. It is also important to recognize that when two or more people live together conflicts will be inevitable. How a couple or family deals with conflict styles is extremely important.

Tips to enhance relationships

  • Treat each other with respect & integrity

  • Take responsibility for your own actions (avoid blame)

  • Two way communication (avoid mind reading)

  • Be committed to your own personal growth and support your partner's personal growth

  • Make specific requests (avoid vague phrases and generalizations)

  • Practice daily loving behaviors toward each other

  • Affirm your partner's strengths

  • Negotiate conflicts and make amends

Tips to Promote a Child's Healthy Development

  • Spend individual quality time with each child.

  • Instill values and traditions by doing things with your child.

  • Recognize that each child is an individual with a unique personality and needs.

  • Give limited choices to your child. They learn to make good decisions by making decisions.

  • Allow for mistakes - - we learn by doing and make mistakes as a part of that process.

  • Two of the most important gifts we give our children are "Roots" and "Wings".

Tips for Enjoying Time with Your In-Laws

  • Treat your spouse well and remember the gift they gave you by raising your spouse

  • Plan fun activities with them

  • Present a united front

  • Plan ahead for potential problem areas and have your spouse handle disagreements with them

  • Ignore criticism and recognize that it is okay for people to do things differently

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